BitSENSE guarantees the privacy of your online services (hereinafter referred to as the Service) provided by BitSENSE through the BitSENSE official website ( or BITSENSE APP. For the use of this service, the personal data collected will be governed by the laws and regulations that protect the security and privacy of personal data. At the same time, BitSENSE will inform you about the collection, processing, utilization and international transmission of your personal data in order to protect your personal data security and privacy. Please read the following:

1.The scope of application

This Privacy Policy covers all activities and all activities that you use to access our services through the BitSENSE official website ( or the BITSENSE APP.

2.The purpose of membership information

BitSENSE will use the personal data you provide to provide digital asset security, statistical analysis, cross-matching, marketing and other services.

3.Member information classification and projects

BitSENSE will collect the following three types of personal data for your membership services:

Basic information: basic information such as telephone and email account.

Asset information: Information about the relevant assets stored in the cold wallet.

Other information: web browsing history, device IP address, cookie information, mobile device identification code, APP usage record and mobile address data.

4.Member information collection methods, scope of use

BitSENSE will fill in the basic personal data on the BITSENSE APP to complete the member application process, collect and process the basic personal information you provide to BitSENSE, and obtain your operating preferences or other relevant information through your use of the service. As a reference for improving the service process of BitSENSE. BitSENSE processes and utilizes the aforementioned personal data provided by you only within the scope of the above-mentioned purposes of use.

5.Period, region, object and method of using member materials

During the operation period and regional scope of BitSENSE, use statistical analysis, cross comparison, newsletter, event and product information push, mail, email, questionnaire, telephone marketing, telephone service, lottery, etc., for your intended use. Within the scope, the collection, processing, utilization and international transmission of the above-mentioned information provided by you will fulfill your contractual obligations and provide you with various preferential measures and marketing activities.

6.Member information transmission, storage security and protection, storage methods

BitSENSE uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) mechanism for data transmission encryption, and has installed a firewall to prevent unauthorized access and to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data. At the same time, all personal data are kept strictly in BitSENSE’s database system. Anyone who collects, processes and uses the data must follow the data authorization management rules set by BitSENSE.

7.Change of customer data and other rights

You can check your personal information and correct, supplement or modify mobile phone, E-mail and other information in the APP personal data maintenance function. You may also request BitSENSE to stop collecting, processing, utilizing and international transmission. The exercise of the aforementioned rights shall be applied by you to the Service Center of BitSENSE. BitSENSE will, after confirming the identity of the member and the content of the request, proceed in accordance with the operating procedures. When you exercise the above-mentioned reply inquiry, provide reading and make a copy of the right, BitSENSE will charge the necessary cost according to the law.

8.Privacy protection consulting

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or other matters related to personal data, please contact customer service LINE@. This Privacy Policy is effective as of October 14, 2018. However, with the revision of government regulations and changes in the market environment, BitSENSE has revised this policy from time to time to protect the security and privacy of customers’ personal data. In the event that BitSENSE is involved in the privacy and security of personal data, BitSENSE will make an announcement on the official website when making major changes to the above matters. When you continue to use the Service, you agree to accept the amendment to the Privacy Policy.

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BitSENSE為保障您透過BitSENSE官方網站(或BITSENSE APP使用本公司提供之線上服務(以下簡稱本服務)之隱私權,對於您使用本服務過程中本公司所蒐集之個人資料,將遵循保護個人資料安全及隱私之法令法規辦理。同時,本公司對於您個人資料之蒐集、處理、利用及國際傳輸等行為,將依下列聲明告知執行,以保護您個人資料安全及隱私,請詳閱以下內容:


本隱私權政策適用範圍,包含您在所有活動,以及您透過BitSENSE官方網站(或BITSENSE APP使用本公司相關服務之所有活動。







其他資料:網頁瀏覽紀錄、設備的 IP 位址、cookie資料、手機設備識別碼、APP使用紀錄與行動位址資料。


本公司將於您在BITSENSE APP線上填寫基本個人資料,以完成會員申請流程,蒐集、處理您向本公司提供之基本個人資料,並透過您使用本服務時,取得您操作偏好或其他相關資料等,作為改善本公司服務流程之參考。本公司僅於符合前述使用目的範圍內,處理及利用您所提供之前述個人資料。




本公司以Secure Sockets Layer(SSL)機制進行資料傳輸加密,並已加裝防火牆防止未經授權存取,避免您個人資料遭到非法存取。同時,所有個人資料均被嚴密地保存在本公司之資料庫系統中,任何人進行資料之蒐集、處理與利用時,均需依循本公司訂定之資料授權管理規範為之。